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1.  Matt Dodd, a Professor of Chemistry in the School of Environment and Sustainability of Royal Roads University, British  Columbia, Canada. visited the Department for two weeks for a research on metal speciation and bioaccessibility in Kumasi. He brought with him a couple of portable instruments including a Niton XL3t XRF analyzer for in situ analysis of metals in soil samples (contact person: Prof. Godfred Darko).

2.  Jesper Leth Bak and Anne Mette Lyyke on SHEATHE Project also visited the department and held a training workshop on data analysis (contact person: Prof. Godfred Darko).

3.  Department of Chemistry, KNUST-School of Chemistry, University of Manchester (Contact: Prof. JAM Awudza)

4.  Department of Chemistry, KNUST- Cardiff University (Contacts: Prof. Evans Adei and Dr. Richard Tia)

5.  Department of Chemistry,  KNUST-Department of Chemistry, University of Bergen Petroleum Chemistry Project (Contact: Prof. Marian A. Nkansah and Prof.JAM Awudza).

6.  Prof. Osei Akoto is the project leader on the collaborative research between the Laboratory of Toxicology Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University, and Department of Chemistry KNUST:- April 2010 - March 2018.