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Aims & Objectives

The basic objective of the Department of Chemistry is to educate the next generation of chemists with the capacity to solve real problems and provide leadership that can lead to the economic and social transformation of Ghana, Africa and the World. To this end we seek to:

  • impart sufficient qualitative/quantitative analytical and synthetic chemical knowledge and skills to our students to be able to analyze and solve real-world problems
  • impart transferable skills, abilities, and knowledge required in a wide range of careers in basic and applied research and development, industry, commerce, monitoring, education and government
  • impart ability to analyze complex chemical problems
  • impart a disciplined approach to conceptualizing chemical problems in numerical terms, working on them theoretically before attempting to put theory into practice.
  • develops students' ability to acquire new knowledge for a range of work areas
  • develop the students' capacity to readily adapt to and make use of emerging technologies.